Friday, June 24, 2011

coffee brewing..... this is a late start for me these days; but I'm into my second and perhaps last childless day for a while so have a few more minutes to myself which included staying up late watching some documentaries; well, parts of documentaries; this very interesting one, and Bukowski and Burroughs. the part where Bukowski says on poetry; " The reason I kept writing was not because I was so good, but because they were so goddam bad"!

I am counting down; 5 days until FIMA am reasonably happy and confident with my work....
i am enjoying the map and thread idea and am going to pull out my old sewing machine and see if i can get it to work and try my hand at some very simple sewing....

coffee's ready, ciao! jackie


  1. ...yeakes! you were late or earlY!?!?!

    take all your time and enjoy

  2. late for me getting up....these days anyway....i am enjoying it Dom thanks!